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Vital records

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Vital records  (VITAL records)

Vital records1 may be defined as those dealing with births, deaths, stillbirths, foetal deaths, marriages, adoptions, legitimations, recognitions, annulments, divorces and separations; in short all the events which have to do with an individual’s entrance into or departure from life, together with changes in civil status. For legal reasons such events have, in many countries, long been recorded in registers2 of which the most common are the register of births3, the register of marriages4 and the register of deaths5. Vital statistics6 or registration statistics6 are prepared from these registers, generally by means of transcripts7 or transcriptions7 from the registers or from draft entries7 in the registers.

  • 2. register n. — register v. — registration n., the act of registering. Modern registers are the descendants of the old parish registers or parochial registers in which there were registered baptisms, marriages and burials.