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Punching  (PUNCHING)

There are four fundamental operations in mechanical tabulation. Punching1 consists of the transfer of the information to a punched card2 sometimes called a punch card2. The information is shown on that card by punching a hole in a given position. Verification3 is the process of checking the accuracy of the punching. Sorting4 is the arrangement of cards in a certain order, and tabulation5 consists of counting the cards or the information on them in certain groups and totalling6 them in these groups. The mechanical tabulation of data is in process of very rapid development and new terms and operations are being introduced almost continuously. Thus mark sensing7 is a process by which pencil marks on a document are automatically translated into punched holes on the same document. This operation has the effect of mechanizing the two manual processes of punching and verification.

  • 3. verification n. — verify v. 5. tabulation n. — tabulate v.