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Children  (CHILDREN)

The family1 (cf. 115-1) is a different unit which must be carefully distinguished from the household (110-3). It is defined primarily by reference to relationships which pertain to or arise from reproductive processes and which are regulated by law or by custom. The fundamental relationships are those established between a couple by marriage—and that existing between a couple as parents2, i. e., father3 and mother4, and their children5 i. e., sons6 and daughters7.

  • 2. parent n. — parental adj. — parenthood n., the state of being or becoming a parent. Note that the term "parent", when used in the singular is not equivalent to the French "parent".
  • 3. father n. — paternal adj.
  • 4. mother n. — maternal adj.
  • 6. son n. — filial adj.
  • 7. daughter n. — filial adj.