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Migration  (MIGRATION)

Migration1 is a form of geographical mobility2 or spatial mobility2 between one geographical unit and another, generally involving a change of residence from the place of origin3 or place of departure3 to the place of destination4 or place of arrival4. Such migration is called permanent migration and should be distinguished from other forms of movement which do not involve a permanent change of residence (212-5). The concept of migration is applicable only in the case of relatively settled populations. In practice it is difficult to distinguish between migrants and visitors (310-5), but a distinction is sometimes attempted on the basis of the length of absence5 from the previous residence or the duration of stay6 at the new residence. Alternatively the distinction may be made on a juridical basis, depending upon the classification of a particular person as a resident or visitor by the government of the country having jurisdiction over the area concerned.

  • 1. Migration n. — migrate v. — migrant n., one who migrates, also used as adj. — migratory adj., relating to migration.