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Nuptiality  (NUPTIALITY)

The study of nuptiality 1 deals with the frequency of marriages 2 i. e., unions 3, between persons of opposite sexes which involve rights and obligations fixed by law and custom; with the characteristics of persons, united in marriage; and with the dissolution of such unions. A marriage 4 or wedding 4 is the ceremony, prescribed by law or custom, which establishes such a union between a man and a woman as spouses 5, i. e., husband 6 and wife 7- The spouses jointly are called a married couple 8.

  • 4. marriage n. — marry v. — married adj. — marriageable adj., capable of contracting a marriage.
  • 6. A man at, or soon before or after his marriage, is a bridegroom (abbreviation: groom)
  • 7. A woman at, or soon before or after her marriage, is a bride.


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