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Nidation  (NIDATION)

Conception1, the fertilization2 of the female ovum3 by a male sperm4 or spermatozoon4 is the beginning of pregnancy5 or gestation5, which consists of the development of the product of conception6 in. the form of an embryo7 or foetus7 (the American spelling is fetus7). Although the distinction between an embryo and a foetus is not precisely defined, the term "embryo" is generally used for the earliest stages of foetal development. An early process in pregnancy is nidation8, the implantation of the fertilized ovum in the wall of the uterus9 or womb9.

  • 1. conception n. — conceive v.
  • 2. fertilization n. — fertilize v. 5. pregnancy n. — pregnant adj.
  • 7. embryo n. — embryonic adj. — embryology n., the science dealing with the development of embryos. foetus n. — foetal adj. 9. uterus n. — uterine adj.