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Multiple cause of death

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Multiple cause of death  (MULTIPLE cause of death)

The study of cause mortality (420-6) —short for mortality by cause of death— is made difficult because in many cases there may not be a single cause of death1 but multiple causes of death2 or joint causes of death2. When this is the case we may distinguish between the immediate cause of death3 and the underlying cause of death4 or, looking at the problem from a different point of view, we may distinguish between the primary cause of death5 or principal cause of death5 and the secondary cause of death6, contributory cause of death6 or associated cause of death6. The cause mortality rate7 or cause-specific mortality rate7 is generally expressed per 100,000 population. The ratio of the number of deaths from a specific cause to the number of deaths from all causes is sometimes referred to as the death ratio8, or proportionate mortality8.