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Mathematical demography

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Mathematical demography  (MATHEMATICAL demography)

Certain sub-branches of demography are on occasion specifically distinguished. Historical demography1 is the study of the history of population development, and the term has on occasions been narrowed down to mean the study of population history in the period before proper statistics (130-1*) were available, as special methods have to be used for this purpose. The term population analysis2 is used by some demographers in a restricted sense comparable to the restricted meaning of theoretical demography (102-3). It may occasionally be used to mean the drawing of inferences from data collected in empirical investigations. Sometimes it has been restricted to that part of theoretical demography which makes use of mathematical methods. The term mathematical demography3 is used more generally for any mathematical treatment in this field including the application of mathematical functions to empirical data. A certain school of demographers have coined the term démographie potentielle4 for the study of life potentials (433-6) and its applications. There is no accepted English translation.