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Householder method

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Householder method  (HOUSEHOLDER method)

An enumeration1 is any operation which is designed to yield a population total. It differs from a simple count2 in that a list3 is generally prepared. An inquiry4 or survey4 on the other hand, is generally an operation which is designed to furnish information on a special subject (e. g. the labour force) and which has limited aims. A field inquiry5 or field survey5 is an inquiry in which information is obtained by personal interview6. In postal inquiries7 or mail surveys7 questionnaires (206-3) are sent out by post with a request to return them completed. In, censuses, information may be obtained by personal interview or by the householder method8 (cf. 111-2*) or self-enumeration8, where the questionnaire is completed by the respondents (204-1) themselves.

  • 1. enumeration n. — enumerate v.
  • 2. count n, — count v.
  • 3. list n. — list v.