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Experienced labour force

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Experienced labour force  (EXPERIENCED labour force)

For statistical measurement of the working population (350-1), the gainful worker concept or the labour force concept may be used. According to the gainful worker (350-1*) concept, the working population is defined as being composed of those persons who have a gainful occupation (350-3) which they normally exercise. According to the labour force (350-1*) concept, it is defined as the group of persons who were working at a gainful occupation or wanting or seeking such work during a specified period preceding the inquiry. Where a distinction is made between employed1 (353-3) and unemployed2 members of the working population (350-1), this classification is sometimes called employment status3 (353-1) or work status3. Under the labour force concept, only persons who were actually seeking work4 during the specified period are usually counted as unemployed. Those seeking work who have not been previously employed are called inexperienced workers5 or sometimes new workers5; the remainder of the labour force being designated as the experienced labour force6 or experienced workers6.