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Endogamy  (ENDOGAMY)

Endogamy1 exists where both spouses must belong to the same group (e. g. tribe, clan). The term is also used to denote a tendency for spouses to be members of the same social or geographical group or isolate2, which is generally of limited size. The opposite requirement or tendency is called exogamy3. Mixed marriages4 are marriages between persons of different nationalities, races, religions, etc. When marriage is contracted between persons with certain common characteristics, social, physical or mental, this is called homogamy5, the opposite is called heterogamy6.

  • 1. endogamy n. - endogamous adj.
  • 3. exogamy n. — exogamous adj.
  • 5. homogamy n. — homogamous adj.
  • 6. heterogamy n. — heterogamous adj.