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Population statistics  (POPULATION statistics)

The terms population statistics 1 or demographic statistics 1 (102-2), when used in the singular, denote methods of quantitative analysis of population data, or, more generally, the art of collecting and presenting statistical information about the population. When used in the plural (cf. 102,2) they refer to numerical data 2 about populations, which are based on observations 3. After such observations have been collected 4, edited 5 or scrutinized 5 to eliminate obvious inconsistencies, they are tabulated 6 by grouping 7 or classifying 7 (cf. 221-5) them into different groups 8 or classes 9 (cf. 116-2*). The processes from editing to tabulation are sometimes referred to as the collation 9 of data.

  • 1. statistics n. — statistical adj. — statistician n., a specialist in statistics.
  • 4. collect v. — collection n,
  • 5. edit v. — editing n. scrutinize v. — scrutiny n.
  • 6. tabulate v. — tabulation n.
  • 7. classify v. — classification n. 9. collation n. — collate v.