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Age, average

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Age, average  (AGE, average)

The terms male nuptiality1 and female nuptiality2 are used for the marriage frequency of the different sexes. Sex-specific marriage rates3 may be computed with the appropriate population at risk (134-2) of each sex as a base. It is usual to distinguish between a first marriage rate4 which relates the number of bachelors or spinsters (515-3 and 4) marrying to the total number of bachelors or spinsters respectively and a remarriage rate5 which relates the number of remarriages to the total number of widowed and divorced persons. Age-specific marriage rates6 or age-specific nuptiality rates6 are usually computed with the number of marriageable persons in the appropriate sex-age group as a base. The average age at marriage7 is frequently computed as an indicator of nuptiality.