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Diseases of the new born

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Diseases of the new born  (DISEASES of the new born)

Among causes of death which are of particular interest to the demographer, we may mention congenital malformation1, diseases of the newborn2 and diseases connected with pregnancy, labour and the puerperium3 (603-6) or lying-in period3 immediately before or after delivery (603-4*). Mortality from these latter diseases is called maternal mortality4 or puerperal mortality4. If maternal mortality rates are computed with the total population as a base they are cause mortality rates (421-7), if they are related to the total number of births (or more accurately of pregnancies) they are analogous to fatality rates (425-7). The proportion of deaths due to senility5 or to ill-defined causes may be taken as an index to the quality of the system of statistics of causes of death.

  • 3. puerperium n. — puerperal adj.
  • 5. senility n. — senile adj.