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Class-room  (CLASS-ROOM)

A class1 (cf. 130-8) is a group of pupils2 with the same teacher3 who meet in the same class-room4 and are generally instructed simultaneously. A group of pupils who are at the same level of educational advancement are said to be in the same grade5 in the United States of America, or in the same class5 or form5 (cf. 206-1), in Great Britain. The term student6 is generally used for those receiving higher education, but is also interchangeable with "pupil" at the secondary level.

  • 2. A scholar in Britain is generally a pupil or student who has been given a scholarship from public or private funds; the use of the term as a synonym for pupil is archaic. In the United States of America such a student would be called a scholarship holder or scholarship student.
  • 6. A university student who has not yet taken his first degree is an undergraduate. A graduate (cf. 151-1*) in Great Britain is the holder of a university degree; in the United States of America the term may be used for anyone completing his studies at the university, high school, or even primary school.